COC Distinctives

Distinctives of COC Thailand

The Mantle of the Movement of Christian Outreach Centre is a God-given anointing which enables us to carry out our God-given mandate to pioneer churches across the nations of the earth. This mantle or anointing, birthed out of the heart of God, is manifested in various ways.

As the prophet Elisha recieved the mantle from his spiritual father, Elijah, the mantle of this present-day move of God is transferred through fathers/mothers to sons/daughters who are willing to be trained.

  1. Pioneering Anointing – Christian Outreach Centre has a dream to pioneer many churches across the face of the globe. The pioneering anointing causes us to dream big, and not settle until those dreams become a reality. Christian Outreach Centre is a movement of destiny and vision, making definite decisions, utilizing creative strategies and staying on course, regardless of the cost. Our focus is on the reward of souls for God’s Kingdom, dynamically changed lives and a harvest of people who can be trained into effective leaders. This is the joy and privilege of our God-ordained task
  2. Vision – Our vision is to ‘Reach our World for Christ’. A well articulated, God-driven vision, draws people and inspires them to be active partners in the vision.
  3. Faith Atmosphere -We expect God to move in every meeting, as He has promised. We endeavor to maintain an atmosphere of faith, conducive for God to move.
  4. Breakthrough Anointing – Our pastors look for a breakthrough in every meeting, seeing lives released from anything that holds them captive. As the pastors move in this anointing it flows to the people and from them to the local community.
  5. Signs and Wonders – From its very beginnings, Christian Outreach Centre , has been a movement that believes and sees the demonstrated miracle power of God. Signs and wonders follow those who believe and helps to gather others.
  6. Passionate Desire for Salvation of Souls – Our main purpose is to see souls saved. We are contagious in our love for the souls of men and women. C.T. Studd said, “Salvation is like the smallpox. If you truly have it, you’ll give it away.”
  7. Dynamic Praise and Worship – Christian Outreach Centre has its own significant style of praise and worship that has gained world-wide recognition. We use exuberant and passionate songs that make it easy for people to connect with God. We believe in freedom of worship, including dancing with joy and thankfulness before God.
  8. Freedom of Expression with a Spirit of Liberty – People are free to express love and affection for God, without being self-conscious, but being fully aware of God.
  9. Presence of God – We make room for the Spirit of God to move, allowing time and space for His Presence to minister to people.
  10. Altar Calls: The Opportunity to Respond to God – Each meeting presents its own opportunity for people to meet with God, responding to the conviction, or redirection of the Holy Spirit. Jesus can minister powerfully to people as they make an active step and the Holy Spirit brings power to live holy, overcoming lives.
  11. Family Atmosphere – Christian Outreach Centre welcomes all people with a smile, into a warm and friendly atmosphere of enthusiasm and expectancy. Many comment that they feel as though they have just come home.
  12. 1 Practical, Relevant Preaching -Messages preached are relevant and made applicable to people’s everyday lives.
  13. Passionate Love for and Belief in People – We look beyond the exterior for the potential in people, and see many lives change to reach that potential.
  14. Training and Equipping -Christian Outreach Centre has defined strategies for developing people of many different levels of spiritual maturity, taking each to the next level.
  15. The Pastor is Available, an Example to the Flock -The pastor leads the people by example.
  16. Fervency in Prayer -Our aim is to be fervent in everything, teaching people to pray fervently and to see answers to prayer.

17. Outreaches -We seek to extend the boundaries of our influence as a local church, holding outreach meetings, giving growing leaders the opportunity to preach and minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and giving people who are spiritually hungry, the opportunity to meet God.