COC Network Membership

Membership Opportunities


For those who are seeking to minister and work in and from the nation of Thailand, we offer the ability to join the Christian Outreach Centre Network of Ministries.

Contact us today to begin the first steps to working toward a strong and stable Spirit filled ministry in Thailand.  If we can walk together in unity; we want to help you, your new church plant, your organization, or your vision for a children’s home succeed here in Thailand and beyond.

Joined Together for a Common Purpose

Membership in the COC Network is based on a willing, reciprocal, giving relationship where your strategy, vision, and ministry in Thailand is laid out in writing and you are held accountable for it as well as your personal and moral life.  You connect with the larger vision and family here in Thailand and help the network to grow and be strengthened by your active involvement.

We have different levels of participation in the network.  Each level gives you the proper legal status, visa, and work permit you need to operate your ministry in the nation of Thailand.

Work Permits and Visas:

We are able to secure visas and work permits through the Thai government for individuals and organizations seeking to work in evangelistic and compassion Christian ministries in and from Thailand.  Once approved, all paper work for renewals are handled locally and members do not have to leave Thailand (visa runs, return trips to your home country etc) unless they desire to leave.

Contact us today to learn more or to get answers to any questions you may have.