COC Thailand Bible School

“If you haven’t got a challenge of faith, you will never believe God for anything.”-Jonathan Vickers
This is the basis of our COC Thailand Bible School for National Asian Leaders.


A Legacy of Effective National Leader Training

COC Thailand has trained hundreds of leaders who are serving in many different capacities both in Thailand and surrounding nations.  One of our primary methods is through our Bible School for Pastors and future leaders.

The courses taught cover Bible subjects in both Old and New Testament, church life, Spirit filled ministry, ethics, and practical ministry among many other important subjects.  We find that even though some Thais have been in churches for many years, they have never been taught core fundamentals of the Christian faith and how to operate in the things of God effectively.

Our Bible School is unique in that it is a combination of both classroom and practical ministry.  It is laid out in five phases:

Phase One: The First Three Months

The school starts with three months of intensive class room teaching by well qualified Spirit filled teachers.  During this phase the student is involved in three separate outreaches that will challenge their faith and cause them to put into practice what they have been learning.

Phase Two: Identifying the Gifts

We indentify those who have demonstrated a calling in one of the five fold ministry gifts.  This person will also have demonstrated a desire to win others to Christ and will be a strong, contributing member of the local church serving in some capacity.

Phase Three:  The Second Three Months

During this phase the student has three weeks of deeper teaching followed by one week of what we call the “Faith Based Challenge.”  This challenge is an intensive time where teams of seven are sent out on a specific assignment of faith.

For instance, we may give them the money they need to arrive at a destination, but not enough to get back.  Once they are in that place, they will have to believe God for their needs, establish the Gospel, believe for and receive certain miracles, and find their way back before they are able to continue in the course.

We have had amazing testimonies of breakthrough and provision during these times.  God loves to show Himself faithful on behalf of those who trust Him.  So yes, it works!

Phase Four: Internship With Another Ministry

This is where faithfulness to another man’s vision is tested.  We believe that one who is faithful with what belongs to another man will be qualified to have his own.  So, during this time the student interns with another successful faith filled national leader serving his vision and work.  The eventual aim will always be to ordain and send the serving leader to his own place in order to plant a new life giving church.

Phase Five: Planting a New Church (Strategic Base)

Once the student is prepared, they are sent with a small team to plant a new church in a new strategic population center.  Here all of their classroom and practical experiences converge together into the ultimate goal of a church plant that eventually will serve as a strategic base for outreaches and church planting into surrounding areas.

>While we have Asian leaders training here in Chiang Mai; we cover their room, board, food, books, fees, and transport.  It cost us approximately $12,000/us per Phase One and Phase Two Training to cover everything.

Would you prayerfully consider playing a part in this important and strategic ministry to leaders?

>To learning more about sponsoring indigenous Asian leaders for this exciting Bible School training, please contact us.