Haven Children’s Homes

Hope, Aid, Vision, Education and New Life for True Orphans

Haven Homes

   Haven Children’s Homes have been established throughout Thailand and in several Asian countries to assist and care for desperate and vulnerable children who are true orphans or come from extremely dangerous enviroments, including those at risk of being sold to traffickers and enslaved into a life of prostitution.

   We have established four boys and girls homes in locations near Chiang Mai and towns near the Thai border with Myanmar. Through our network, we have many other children’s homes operating in Thailand.  In the nation of Myanmar (Burma), we have thirty two children’s homes caring for thousands of orphaned and abandoned children.

   Haven Children’s Homes provide these children with the opportunity for a normal childhood and a full and quality life.  All Haven Children benefit from a secure and safe community, medical and emotional support, quality education and a loving family environment.

   As the children complete their schooling years they are encouraged to pursue their dreams and are given further opportunities via Haven’s Vocational Trainee Programs.

   The vital work of the Haven Children’s Homes is only made possible by the generous support of caring people, donors and businesses from many nations.  As you may imagine, the needs are great and ongoing.

   You can help to change the future for these and many other children by becoming a Haven Partner by donating monthly support to assist the work of Haven Children’s homes. Alternatively you can send a one-time gift to help the children.

   We also invite you to become a volunteer Haven Fundraiser in your community and to assist us with making a difference to many children’s lives and happiness.

   We are have recently purchased new property in Thailand and are in the process of raising funds to build new permanent homes for up to 120 orphan, abandoned, and at risk children.  Click the link above to learn more.

   For more information or to learn how you can support this critical work, please contact us – info@thehavenproject.net.