The Haven Project:

Bringing Hope, Aid, Vision, Education, and New Life to the people of Southeast Asia

The Haven Project offers Hope, Aid, Vision, Education and New Life by providing assistance to many homeless, elderly, widows, orphans, and by meeting many practical and social needs throughout various Asian nations.

The Haven Project has to date, influenced and changed the lives of thousands throughout Thailand, Myanmar, and India with disaster relief, medical clinics, training schools, education assistance, orphanages, family assistance programs, food relief and help for the destitute and homeless.

Founded fourteen years ago by Pastors Jonathan & Judy Vickers of Australia, The Haven Project (originally called Global Care) is the benevolent arm of Christian Outreach Centre Thailand

Registered as the “Haven Foundation” in Thailand, the Haven Project headquarters are located in Chiangmai Thailand.

The Haven Project is also a registered charity in Australia and the United Kingdom, and soon to be in the United States of America.