Our Story

History of COC Thailand Background and Beginnings:

Jonathan Vickers is the Founder and First National Chairman of C.O.C. Thailand.  Rev. Jonathan was born in 1954 in Sydney, Australia, and received Christ as Savior and Lord in 1970. A year later he received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the call of God to preach the Gospel.

He spent many years building a deep personal relationship and knowledge of the Holy Spirit, preaching the Gospel and moving in an amazing ministry of healing. He married Judy; a Pastor’s daughter, in May 1974.  Together they became renown for evangelism, missions, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Their ministry has been marked with amazing miracles of the deaf, dumb and blind restored to full health; being rescued by angels; being ‘translated’ (supernatural transport); of raising the dead and of many unique and sovereign signs and wonders of God.

Timeline of Growth and Expansion:

May, 1993: Rev. Jonathan received an apostolic anointing in a vision from the Lord. During the vision the Lord equipped him with armour and weapons and took him to many nations in Asia, where he fought alongside armies of angels, to gain victories for the Kingdom of God in Asia.

18 February, 1995: Rev. Jonathan & Judy Vickers, and their two teenage children, Rebecca and Matthew, arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to launch Thailand Christian Outreach Centre.

June, 1996: C.O.C. Chiang Mai launched in Nemanhaemin Soi 1, under Rev. Jonathan Vickers.

February, 1998: C.O.C. Thailand launched its Mobile Medical Clinic, led by Nurses Melissa McCormick, Rebecca Vickers and assisted by Ps. Natanan Suparpwarakul and Ps. Somchai Reungkitchaya.

March, 1998: C.O.C. Thailand launched its first Pastors and Leaders Training School with Rev. Jonathan Vickers as Dean and Teacher and assisted by Natanan Suparpwarakul.

November, 1998: C.O.C. launched its first Church led by a C.O.C. Thailand Pastors and Leaders trainee, Pastor Taweesak Wangawee.

1999: Key strategic partnerships developed in a neighboring restricted access nation that now has churches numbering in the hundreds and orphans being cared for in the thousands.

February, 2000: C.O.C. launched its first Children’s Homes, with two Children Jai & Bow, in Hoy Sai Village under the care of Pastor Montri Meuncum.

2005 • C.O.C. was granted a welfare status in Thailand for The Haven Foundation: Haven representing; Hope, Aid, Vision, Education and New life.

2006 • C.O.C. was granted status as a Religious Foundation in Thailand, as Christian Outreach Centre Foundation.

2006: Current three story administrative offices and House of Praise church building purchased with an obligation to pay it off within two years.  That challenge was accepted by faith.

2008: All buildings debt free, paid in full!

2009: New children’s home property purchased near Doi Saket in Chiang Mai and paid in full!

2010: New season of advancement begins with expansion projects for Children’s Homes, the local churches, leadership training both for Thai and Burmese, and new key ministry partnerships.