Thai Church-Mae Jam

House of Praise Church Mae Jam

Located approximately two hours from Chiang Mai, the Church at Mae Jam is a growing Thai church based in a Karen tribal region.  The services are in Thai and Karen language.  The leaders are encouraging the Karen people to learn the national language of Thailand so that they can continue to grow in influence and strength.

Pastor John and his wife Boom are the leaders of this growing church.  He was one of the original eighteen leaders who came to COC Thailand to be trained as leaders in the nation.  Pastor John has an amazing testimony of God’s power to save and deliver.  He has planted several churches before leading the church at Mae Jam.  He has been persecuted heavily and even beaten for the sake of the Gospel, but he has never quit.

He has started a children’s home and cares for over a dozen children who are true orphans, pulled out of very life threatening situations.  He operates in similar faith to the great George Mueller who believed God completely to care for those children under his care.